Walking together on the pathway to innovation


At CEIV we work since 2009 hand by hand with our associates in order to foster the growth of our region, strengthening the industry and leading the technological change. Our main goals are:

  • Innovation – Promote and ease the acces to R&D

  • Cooperation – Ease the cooperation between associates and make easier the networking with external agents

  • Internationalization – We work to contribute with the internationalization of our associates

  • Growth – All the actions are made with the purpose of strengthen and foster the economical and social growth of the region

Our work region is the “Toy Valley”, a geographical area that comprehends the towns of Biar, Castalla, Ibi, Onil y Tibi. Our associates are part of the plastic, metal, mould and toys (and childcare) sector s. We always welcome all those companies that want to be a part of the association.


We promote the innovation among our associates, helping to access R&D programs, preparing workshops and fostering innovative activity


We help companies to reach wherever they want and we unite forces to achieve it.

Industry 4.0

We foster the transition of our associates to industry 4.0.

Bussines management

We contribute to strength business management and consolidate the success of our associates.


We get in contact with the public administration  and with other agents in behalf of our associates.


We favor the cooperation both within the Cluster and to the outside, contributing to the networking of our associates.

Knowledge transfer

We contribute to translate the latest advances and the technology present to our associates.


We help our associates to  train their empolyees so they obtain the needed capacities in a constant-changing enviroment.







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Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro, Escritor

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