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On the other hand, the MOULVET platform and an augmented reality application will be developed. They will allow accessibility to the OER and enable it to be available for its use on different devices (desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets…).

The results of MOULVET will contribute to:

Reduce the disparity between competences acquired through training and those demanded by companies (disparity between supply and demand of skilled labor).

Retain experienced knowledge that would otherwise be lost due to retirement.

Establish a closer link between industry and training through strategic cooperation in three representative countries, in the manufacture of molds (Germany, Portugal and Spain), in order to improve the development of workers.

Promote the use of ICT in training (OER platforms, Augmented Reality application).




AIJU research centre is a private, non-profit making organisation aiming to boost research, development and technological innovation within toy and related industry, thus making it posible the achievement of a constant competitiveness increase in the sector. During 2015 the number of associated companies surpassed 450, most of them SMEs.

AIJU constantly adapts and evolves along with the industry to provide them with timely and proper solutions. Therefore, AIJU does carry out a key role for the benefit of the regional industry since most companies are SMEs with limited possibilities to undertake the actions to achieve competitiveness and innovation by themselves.

Especifically, AIJU offers companies in the mold industry a complete technical assistance during design and development, manufacturing and validation: development of prototypes, Rapid Manufacturing, rapid tooling, pre-series, digitization, design of molds, 3D design, CAD / CAE, etc…

Our training department works closely with industry so as to be aware of their needs and be able to offer tailored courses and continuous and occupational training to professionals, unemployed and students as suitable as possible according to industry requirements. Both training in attendance and distance/e-learning are offered to introduce new technology and procedures in the industry and ensure the acquisition of knowledge coming from the latest R+D activities.

AIJU is a technology centre that is at the forefront of ICT technologies. The institute has developed research projects on learning using mobile devices, games and augmented reality technologies.

The gemeinnützige KIMW Qualifizierungs-GmbH (KIMW-Q) is a non-profitable private organisation that is allied with the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen. The main directive of the institute is to provide educational courses, vocational training and to produce learning material and lectures for apprentices, students and em-ployees mainly in the plastics industry and toolmaking. Its activities are directed towards the attenuation of the impact the demographic change and structural developments will have on the employment situation of companies connected to this industry. One central claim is the use and the development of new ways and means of teaching in order to include target groups for educational modules that would usually be over-strained with or are not accessible for classical means of teaching. Moreover, KIMW-Q has taken up the task to offer alternatives for people that for some reason had to abandon their original career planning, e.g. college dropouts.

KIMW-Q is a spin-off from the KIMW department of education and training that serves as a commercial provider of seminars and workshops since the early 1990s. In 2016, this department will organise approximately 200 seminars, workshops, congresses and company-specific trainings.

The CEIV «Valle del Juguete” (Toy Valley) is a non profit association whose structure and objectives agree with those established for Innovative Companies Associations in Section 3 of Rules ITC/3807/2007.

CEIV has a double purpose to support associated companies: On the one hand, denifition of common strategic objectives. On the other hand, proposing joint projects and actions in accordance with those objectives.

The region has an important cluster of companies working in the mould and plastic sector and CEIV brings together the most innovative-driven companies of the region. For example, the two most important towns of the region regarding this industrial sector: Ibi and Onil are members of CEIV with 50% and 63% of total companies respectively. This is important given the work-based character of the activities proposed in the project.

Centimfe, the technological centre for the mould making, special tooling and plastic industries, is a Portuguese non-profit organisation whose main goal is to support the technological development of the mould and plastics sectors in Portugal. Created in 1991, it currently has around 200 associates – encompassing companies and public institutions, being 30% of its members from the public sector and 70% from the private sector.

The organisation acts as the natural interface between the industry, mainly SMEs, and RTD entities, promoting technical, technological and training support to SMEs in key areas for the Tooling and Plastics Industries, developing R&D projects and providing added-value engineering and support consultancy services.

The Centre as currently around 45 workers mostly with higher formation degrees and technical expertise. Its technical intervention areas ranges from product and process engineering, rapid prototyping, processes reengineering, technology watch and intelligence, metrology, quality, ITs, Innovation and IPR management.

The Werkzeugbau-Institut Südwestfalen GmbH is an organisation working in the field of research and de-velopment for the toolmaker industry and also is allied with the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (FHSWF, University of Applied Science South Westphalia). The institute was founded in 2011 as a «Ziel 2-Programm NRW” (EFRE) by group of toolmakers of this region and started with the institute work in 2012 as the first 3 star project in NRW. Today it includes 65 members in the society. The main task of the institute is the transfer of new technologies between the industry, the toolmakers and the University of Applied Science and additionally the research and development in the field of precision surfaces.

One part of the institute is the initial and continuing education for the tool and mold making industry. Supplementary we offer company-specific training courses. Another significant part is the expansion of a wide network and we also offer consulting and management services to our society members and beyond.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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